We develop and provide the world’s highest level of customer-oriented powder equipment.

In addition to the world’s first air classifier capable of achieving submicron classification, Nisshin also manufactures and sells powder equipment such as pulverizers, mixers, and feeders. This equipment forms a system which reflects user requirements in both functionality and construction based on the Nisshin Seifun Group’s powder processing technology history and past performance. Nisshin also provides installation services, and offers comprehensive support to ensure the use of our equipment with peace of mind.

Product Lineup


Nisshin offers a lineup comprising airflow-driven (jet mill) and mechanically-driven (rotary type) equipment. The airflow-driven type offers a range of features such as sharp pulverized product particle size distribution, suppressed heat generation during pulverizing, and easy disassembly and cleaning. And the mechanically-driven type boasts low-cost operation, supports pulverizing at the fine powder level, and is capable of pulverizing soft particles and fibers.

Single micronNo heat generationPharmaceutical GMPGlass powder

Air Classifiers

Nisshin's air classifiers are dry type, and are available in a forced vortex type and semi-free vortex type. A selection can be made from three models based on the classification point. Nisshin's air classifiers are compatible with a wide range of raw materials such as plastics, metals, and ceramics, and are capable of sieve mesh size to submicron level classification.

SubmicronDry typeAdhesion preventionSilver powder


Nisshin manufactures and sells micro-quantitative feeders for feeding. These feeders are capable of feeding several tens of grams per hour, and are also equipped with feedback control.
Nisshin sells pressurized high-density conveyors. In addition to a vessel type, we also offer an easy-to-use feeder type for testing.
Nisshin's sprayers use sources such as compressed air to disperse fine powder in the air flow, and spray it continuously onto the surface of the target object.

Micro feedingQuantitative feedingInsert gasAdhesion prevention

Matcon IBCs,Mixers

Nisshin is Japan's sole sales representative for Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) from Matcon Ltd. in the UK, helping to realize high-mix low-volume production with a parallel batch system.
Nisshin sells unique spherical mixers. These are equipped with a high-speed rotary impeller and low-speed scraper, and are capable of precision mixing in a short time by tilting the mixing tank.

Matcon IBCsHigh-mix low-volume productionAdhesion preventionPrecision mixing

Sales Representatives & Contacts

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